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Those with net worth greater than US$50 million are referred to as High Net Worth Individuals (HNWI). According to statistics HNWIs derive most of their income by the way of capital gains, which are taxed at lower rate than income tax, and also mean receiving large sums of money at a time. That creates wealth by having the cash to buy opportunities.

HNWIs own about 25% of their assets in form of Investment REAL ESTATE. Income Real Estate is a historically safe long term asset class, and depending on Investors’ age and mobility pattern, can be a wealth building alternative to investing in a primary residence.

Our sage, Warren Buffet is perhaps the greatest role model for investing in assets that grow: he still lives in his Omaha home purchased for 31,500.

Requation can help you strategize like an HNWI as your advisor and your link to other Commercial Real Estate firms for Income Real Estate investment options based on your investment objective, risk tolerance and time horizon.